Parent Child Assistance Program (PCAP)

The primary goal of PCAP is to prevent further births of alcohol/drug exposed children. We either motivate individuals to stop drinking/using drugs during pregnancy or help people who cannot stop using to avoid becoming pregnant.

We empower individuals to build and maintain healthy and independent family lives and assure that children are in safe and stable homes. PCAP is a 3 year voluntary program.

Who is it for

This program is for individuals who are capable of having children, who have self-reported use of alcohol and/or drugs OR people with a FASD diagnosis themselves or delivered a child with FASD.


Home Visitation


Monday – Friday

Program Cost


For more information please contact:

Judy Scott



“How the program has made a difference in my life is having the thought of knowing that someone is there to listen and encourage you to do better with your life and yourself as a person even when you feel like there’s no support from anybody including family. The program has helped me by learning to be more open to people about what’s bothering me, I don’t have to bottle it up and let it boil over, I can be all right with the fact that yes I know something is wrong with me and I need to do something about it that will benefit me in the long run.”

Contact Details

Main Office:

Family Services of Central Alberta
5409 - 50th Avenue
Red Deer, Alberta
T4N 4B7

Office Hours

Main Office:
8:30am – 4:30pm
Extended hours on Monday/Tuesday:
5:15pm – 8:00pm
Toll Free: 1-866-414-3722
Email us: fsca(at)

Park Plaza Intergenerational Centre

5214 - 47 Avenue, Red Deer
Visit by appointment only Phone: 403-967-0171

FSCA Play Space

Hours of Operation:
Monday & Thursday
9:30am – 12:00pm & various program times. 

Parkland Mall:  4747 - 67th Street, Red Deer