I was thinking today that sometimes life can be really hard. Harder than I expected, that’s for sure. Growing up I didn’t think that being an adult would be so stressful! There are so many things that I have to think about. Most of the time, I don’t even feel like I have enough time to think about all the things that I have to do, let alone do them.

There has been so many things that I have been stressed about, a few for example are: finances, laundry, cleaning, my pets, my husband, my child, doing more fun stuff this summer, having another baby, saving money, my vehicle, upping my fun factor, spending more time with family, friends, having a social life, getting a hobby, exercising, eating better, being healthier, being happier, thinking about things less, living more in the moment, and so forth and so on…

What I have come to realize over the last year is that I think a lot. And do little about the things that I am thinking. I get upset and feel like a failure.

I was told once “where there is gratitude, fear cannot live”. This really hit home with me. Everything I listed above is directly related to fear. Fear that I am not a good enough wife, mother, housekeeper, pet provider, or person. Fear that I am simply not enough.

I decided to begin a gratitude journal. It was hard at first, because what on earth do I have to be thankful for…I don’t do anything! Every night I would spend about 30 minutes trying to come up with 3 amazing things that I was ridiculously grateful for, because it had to perfect, right?

I stopped journaling, because I had failed. I couldn’t even be grateful!

It was that night that I stopped, that my husband started. I was away and he called and asked me what I was grateful for. He had noticed that I was trying a new journey to happiness and it must have been doing something. So that night, I decided that I would share my gratefulness with my husband, and they didn’t have to be perfect. I think one night I was just grateful for having a gratefulness routine. Sometimes they were that simple.

It changed my outlook on life, my relationship with my husband and almost everything around me. I was grateful for all of the little things in my life, and showed my gratitude to the people that made a difference. I was sharing more with family and friends.

I now try really hard to tell me when I am truly grateful for something, and share more with husband and son everyday about how grateful I am to have them in my life. It changed my perspective and helped me to live more in the moment (check off one thing on my list!). It allowed me to release some of my stress.

I know this sounds like a fairy tale ending and it isn’t. It simply helps me in stressful moments to realize I do have a lot to be grateful for, and somethings to be upset about, but more to be grateful for.

See below for a sample of a gratitude journal and 10 minutes to gratitude. A link is included for 100 things to be grateful for.


gratitude chart  Click here

Written be an FSCA staff member

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