Has anyone every asked you who is your hero, or who do you aspire to. I was recently empowered by an Aunt of mine.  With the holiday season in full swing I took the time to call and Auntie who is approaching 98 in the spring. We had a great conversation. She asked  me about every one of my siblings and their families… amazing that she remembers all of that as I have 5 siblings all married with children and grandchildren and she knew it all. As our conversation continued she shared with me that she was doing really well that her health was great and she has no one coming in to help…again I am in awhh.  So I asked her how she did it.  Well to my surprise she shared that every night before she goes to bed she does a few ladies push-ups (puts me to shame)

Then she continues to tell me that she uses a walker just because she is slow and that during the day when she is walking around if she sees a wall that is bare she will stand up to it and straighten her back – so her shoulders don’t get hunched over and then adds in  a few wall push-ups. That sealed if for me, she is my inspiration and I am going to start doing a few push-ups every night. To live to 98 and beyond is great but to live to 98 and beyond being healthy, active and independent …. that is my goal, thank you Auntie you are my HERO!

Written by Judy

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